Diamonds are fabulous, beautiful, inspiring works of nature. Prized for their unparalleled combination of rarity, durability and beauty they’ve become symbols of love and eternity and many of us will own at least one in our life. The question is which one?

Buying an expensive diamond can be daunting. Most people feel more confident buying a house or a car for the simple reason that they are more familiar with these things and know more about them. The glut of internet information regarding diamonds seems to suggest that with a few tips anyone can be an educated customer, but as with houses and cars it’s experience that counts. For the uninitiated it’s easy to get lost amidst the tables of proportions and characteristics, grading reports and dossiers.

If you are interested in purchasing a diamond I can guide you through all that, and, after consulting with you to discover just what sort of stone would be right for you, bring you together with the diamond that fulfils your desires. This usually involves first working out just what we’ll be doing with the stone and what your personal preferences are. From there we move on to a process of elimination where you’ll have the opportunity to view a selection of diamonds that I’ve personally chosen according to your criteria until you find the one that suits you best.

Most of the stones I offer are Russian cut, Russian crystal diamonds as I find they consistently out-perform other stones on all counts. I also only trade in stones sold according to the Kimberley Process ensuring they are conflict free (non-blood) diamonds.