My studio is a small reflection of my philosophy regarding jewellery, and design in general.

The space is open and uncluttered with the workshop entirely visible from the showroom and vice versa. Although clearly referencing earlier eras, the style is understated and timeless – as much a stand-alone statement as it is part of its location in Sydney’s historic Dymocks Building.

The showcases were custom built by master cabinet-maker Hjalle Torrel from plantation grown, native Australian blackwood, and are lit by energy efficient LEDs. Hjallle also constructed the purpose built, modular benches in the workshop. My consulting desk is an original 1930s dining table, lovingly restored by my father, Barry, who built my workbench and a number of other pieces of furniture as well. The chairs were once part of a vintage dining suite.

Throughout I have focused on handmade quality using renewable or recycled materials and local sources. Everything was designed to be both beautiful and functional and then built to endure.

My studio is not a static environment. It is evolving so that I can better serve my clients, and create the pieces they desire, but it remains a constant expression of my approach.