Although perhaps the most symbolically significant piece of jewellery a person can wear, wedding rings are often an afterthought – many people imagining them as utilitarian. Yet a wedding ring represents a wonderful opportunity for a very personal statement.

While wedding rings must, of course, be hard wearing, there other aspects that should also be considered when designing your ideal wedding band.

For those who prefer a traditional bridal set, the wedding ring must partner perfectly with the engagement ring and later complement the eternity ring. In this case it should be designed, and sometimes made, at the same time as the engagement ring. It could incorporate stones or engraving and should be able to be worn comfortably on its own when appropriate.

For those with Cocktail Engagement rings, or who simply plan to wear the wedding ring on its own, there’s much more scope. While almost any style of band is an option, my signature MORE rings are a perfect solution with their versatility and boldness.

Men also have the chance to set themselves apart from the norm through their choice of wedding band. Carved and filed patterns, engraving and coloured diamonds and gems are just some of the elements that can be incorporated, but which few other jewellers offer. With a watch and cuff-links being the closest thing to jewellery most men ever wear, designing a unique wedding ring is a once in a lifetime opportunity.